Lawn Care Services

Mowing Of Grounds

 Keep your grounds maintained and groomed with weekly lawn cutting services. The experts at MJ Golden Enterprises will be your first line of defense in giving your property the curb appeal that will help your business thrive.  

Shrub & Ornamental Tree pruning

 Shrubs and ornamental trees are often prone to overgrowth. MJ Golden Enterprises can keep them looking greart throughout the year. By utilizing professional trimming equipment, you can be assured that your shrubs and trees are properly pruned , leaving them looking beautiful and in great shape. 

Weeding -Landscape Bed Maintenance

 Weeding and bed maintenance can easily turn into a time consuming project. It's common for weeds to reappear in a short amount of time, but with the professional weeding services of MJ Golden Enterprise you can count on us to make your landscape beds looking beautiful all season long. 

Spring/ Fall Clean-Up And Leaf Removala

Clean ups during Spring and  Fall seasons are very important  because removal of leaves and other debris  will help prepare you lawn for the first cut of the season in the spring . Also in the fall before the snow hits. MJ Golden Enterprise has  the best equipment to get the job done!

Gutter Cleaning


Gutters can easily get blocked by debris such as leaves and twigs, which can result in water not being able to drain properly through the gutter's downspout. When this happens, overflow occurs, which can cause damage to gutters and roofing systems, along with potentially causing water to end up in you building.